Thursday, November 1, 2012

Make like a fetus and head out

Sorry for the somewhat graphic reference, but that's what I'm hoping will happen anyway.

We found out at my 36 week appointment on Monday that baby boy is heads up.  The doctor had a heck of a time trying to check my cervix (you know...she was REALLY up in my business), and she couldn't tell which way baby was turned.  She brought in the ultrasound and confirmed that his head was squarely below my left ribs.

She immediately began talking about scheduling a c-section.

::Commence freak out::

I know that this baby's birth will be nothing like Evie's, but holy cow, this is definitely not what I expected.  She said that we could schedule something for a few weeks from now, and hope that the baby turns on his own before that, in which case, I will not need the c-section.

She then began explaining my other option(s).  She explained an external cephalic version (ECV) to me, in which she and another doctor will try to flip the baby from the outside.  I've heard of this before, and all I know is that it's supposed to hurt.  But, I told her that I'm willing to do anything to avoid a c-section, so I'll try it.

She left the room to call the hospital to schedule the procedure.  I quickly got dressed and went to get M and Evie from the waiting room.  I was pretty upset, and I wanted him to hear her explain everything, just in case I missed something.

The ECV is scheduled for Friday afternoon.  I will prepped as though I may have a c-section if the procedure goes very badly (i.e. baby is so distressed that they feel it's in his and my best interest to deliver immediately).  My doctor has only had this experience twice in her 16 years as an OB, which helped calm my fears.  She also seemed to feel that this is an appropriate step.  She did not discourage my decision at all, and she explained that my chances of success are better because it's my 2nd pregnancy (thanks for stretching my out Evie!), and because of the placement of my placenta.

Since Monday afternoon, I've done a lot of internet research (for better or worse) about methods of trying to get the baby to flip spontaneously.  One recommendation was a chiropractic technique, so I made an appointment for Tuesday morning, and I have another appointment this morning.

I just truly feel like the baby is not settled in any one direction quite yet.  He still moves a TON, and big movements too.  I feel like he may have already repositioned, but I don't know if that's just wishful thinking.  I'm trying to remain positive.  Even if he hasn't moved yet, even if the ECV is unsuccessful tomorrow, there is  still a chance he could flip on his own before I need to deliver.  And I know that no matter how this baby enters the world, that he is happy and healthy is my number one concern.

I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and praying (which is new for me) that it all works out that way.

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