Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh yeah, I was supposed to be weaning my child

I have written about cutting back on how much I'm breastfeeding Evie a few times (here and here, for example), but it's really not going like I expected.  I thought that I would have completely weaned her by now.  I'm not upset/disappointed/happy/sad or really any feeling at all about it.  I honestly kind of forgot that I was "trying" to wean her. 

My whole breastfeeding goal was originally "as long as I can possibly do it."  I hoped we'd make it for 6 - 8 months.  After that goal was obviously attainable, my new goal became one year.    In June when she fought me at every feeding, I just started dropping a feeding here and there, and eventually we found our new rhythm.  I've been nursing her only in the morning and before bed since late July.  It works really well for us...until I tried to screw it up.

I'm not very happy on the mini-pill, so, at my physical last month my doctor prescribed the regular pill because I thought that I would be done nursing by the time I finished the current pack of mini-pills.  Of course, silly me, in the time between my doctor's appointment and running out of the mini pill, I forgot to cut out those last two feedings and actually wean my child.  Oops!!!  

So my new plan was to take the regular pill and see what happens.  That lasted two days.  My supply dropped very quickly.  (It was already a little low because I had had my period.)  Evie was not happy with fruit and cheerios minus the boob for breakfast, and seeing her upset made me feel awful. 

M and I had a pretty serious talk about how long we were both comfortable with continuing to breastfeed.  I want to keep going until Evie is ready to be done.  I was very worried that M wouldn't like that idea.  He's been amazingly supportive of breastfeeding, but he has had a hard time with some of the struggles of nursing an older baby (the biting, squirming, distractibility stuff).   I was easily frustrated until Evie and I found our groove, and he took the brunt of my frustration.  Did I mention he's a pretty good guy to put up with that??  

Fortunately, after talking it over, we realized that we are on the same page.  I called my doctor and switched back to the mini-pill.  Weaning will happen when it's supposed to, and it feels good to know we're all happy to take it at Evie's pace.     

1/2/12 - Edited to Add:  Evie is now completely weaned.  The last time she nursed was around Thanksgiving.  I miss our quiet breastfeeding time, but I'm happy to have a running, jumping, bouncing, talking toddler to spend my time with now.  :)

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Nancy said...

I think that's awesome you are still able to breastfeed for that long. You're right, just wean whenever you feel it's right for you and Evie. I wish I could still be able to BF my daughter and I told my husband, if I were still breastfeeding, I would go as long as I could. :) I'm hoping for the next baby, I will plan to BF till 2 years old.

Btw, I think that's awesome your husband is so supportive too! WAY TO GO to him! :) said...

First of all, your title cracked me up! I'm so glad your husband is supportive. I think at the end of the day they do sometimes see things from their point of view: if you are frustrated and taking it out on him, then he wants to do whatever will take away your frustration. Your nursing rhythm sounds perfect. It sounds like it makes you happy. :)

CJ said...

A supportive partner makes ALL the difference! I'm sure you're daughter will benefit from your choice!

Anonymous said...

You sound just like me.
Am now following you :)
Good luck with your breastfeeding journey.

Anonymous said...

We're on the morning/night feeding schedule, too...glad you and your little one have found a routine that works. What a great title!

Audra said...

So glad you found your rhythm and are content with how things are working! Support is SO important and it seems like you have an awesome partner!

Kristin said...

So glad you have found something that works! That is so AWESOME that you are still nursing! Way to go mama!!

Holly said...

I just found your blog via Kristin on twitter and I am totally impressed that you're still nursing. I think you should totally wing it!!!!

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