I feel very lucky that Evie and I had a successful breastfeeding relationship for 16 months.  My breastfeeding posts have been some of my most popular from the beginning, so I thought that putting them all in one place would be convenient.

Here they are in chronological order from when I first posted them:

Sooo Distracted - About the difficulties of nursing an increasingly mobile child
M and Breastfeeding - About M's support throughout breastfeeding
The Battle Continues - Documenting the beginning of the end
Breastfeeding Body Changes - All of the funky things that happen to your body when nursing
It took a little longer than I expected - About the bond that breastfeeding creates
My boobs are worth what?!! - Cost savings of breastfeeding
My Best Advice - The best advice that I received prior to breastfeeding
You want me to do what?!?!? - Coping with Evie's dairy allergy
"But doesn't breastmilk go bad?" - Dealing with negative comments about breastfeeding
Oh yeah, I was supposed to be weaning my child - About our decision to put off weaning
It's Over - About the last time that I nursed Evie

Also, here are some links to a few breastfeeding websites that helped me out a lot. - an informational website with tips on EVERYTHING breastfeeding

The breastfeeding forum on - Reading other women's questions, struggles, and successes was amazing when Evie and I were learning how to breastfeed.

101 Reasons to Breastfeed - I think that it's just fun to read this sometimes.  When things were going poorly, this helped keep everything in perspective for me. 

Lastly, please contact me at if you have any questions!!  I'm no expert, but I sure spent a lot of my time breastfeeding during the first 16 months of Evie's life.  Hopefully I can help someone out there!  :)