Tuesday, August 28, 2012

27 weeks, or maybe 30?

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and I got to have the "fun" of the blood glucose test.  That gross orange stuff makes me feel sick to my stomach!!!  But, on the upside, I don't have gestational diabetes. 

In other news, when my doctor measured my stomach, she paused and then said, "Oh, you're measuring 30.  That's interesting."  I asked if that was an indication of a problem.  She said no, that babies have growth spurts in utero as much as on the outside, so I could still be measuring 30 at my next appointment in 2 weeks.  However, if I'm still 3 weeks ahead, she'll probably schedule another ultrasound. 

With Evie, I was always measuring behind.  She was calculated to be a week behind at my 20 week ultrasound, so this is new territory for me.  Evie was a very small baby (5 lbs. 15 oz.), but all signs are pointing to a larger baby this time, even my doctor's comments at my first appointment.  Or maybe I'll just deliver earlier than originally thought (fingers crossed!!).  Or maybe it doesn't mean anything at all.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

27 weeks 1 day (officially)

Weight gain/loss: Up a total of 23 lbs. from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I'm trying not to obsess about it, and I'm hoping that going back to school tomorrow will distract me a little...from worrying about weight gain, and also from binging because I'm home all day.   

Fruit of the week: This week baby is the size of a rutabaga.

Feeling: A little anxious.  I am ready to just start school.  I always feel like this at the beginning of the school year.  

Sleep: Eh.  Part of it is the onset of my school-year insomnia, part of it is not being comfortable.  The body pillow has made its way back into our bed. 

Food cravings: Mass quantities.  I just feel like eating a lot of whatever I happen to be eating at the moment. 

Movement:  It's getting interesting!    I always had fun trying to identify body parts when I was pregnant with Evie, now I get to do that again.  :)

What I miss?  Just feeling normal.  In my lower moments, I think I'll never feel normal again.  I know that's not true, but it will be a completely different type of normal.  Maybe my anxiety isn't entirely related to school...

Best moment this week: M's birthday last week.  Evie and I threw him a "party."  Basically we made what he wanted for dinner, and then had chocolate chip cookies while he opened his presents (a new Badger sweatshirt and a wall hanging for his man cave).  It was fun, just the three of us.  :) 

What I'm looking forward to:  Going back to school tomorrow, and the kids start next Tuesday.  It will be nice to have the routine again, and it's always fun to see the kids after a summer off.  Even as high schoolers, they can change a lot in a few months!

Next Appointment: Sept. 12 at 29 weeks 2 days. 

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