Monday, June 18, 2012

So many things to write about...

Well, we´ve moved on on Friday from Barcelona to Valladolid.  Barcelona was great, and I have a ton of pics to post, but no way to post them.  Expect a photo dump post upon return to the U.S.  ;) 

Anyway, we arrived in Valladolid (a small-ish city of about 400,000, northwest of Madrid) on Friday afternoon and we were greeted at the airport by our host family.  They are a mother, Marta, father, Roberto, and three sons, Iván (8 years old), Sergio (7), and Lucas (2).  They are the most outgoing family ever, which is awesome, but it´s been overstimulation overload for Evie since we got here.   I´m used to my relatively quiet house with one child....this is the home of three extrtoverted boys.  Evie has been having problems settling in for naps and bedtime, which we haven´t seen in a while.  It´s been a little frustrating, but I know we´ll be alright. 

Marta and Roberto are awesome.  They have treated us like members of the family since we stepped off of the plane, and the boys are so excited to see Evie and teach her how to play in Spanish.  It´s amazing how much she has picked up in a just a few days.  In English, she counts to ten (she always misses 9, but it´s close enough ;), and she´s already trying to count in Spanish.  She misses more numbers, but I can´t believe that she´s even attempting it.  She says hola and gracias readily, and last night at dinner she said, "I want agua."  That´s better spanglish than some of my!!!

Our biggest hurdle is how much I think we both miss M.  We have been skyping almost daily, but it´s not the same.  I felt horrible that yesterday was father´s day and we were 4000 miles and 7 times zones away.  Since the time we left, and especially since we´ve arrived in Valladolid, Evie has been really clingy.  She won´t let me out of her sight.  If I leave the room to even go to the bathroom (God forbid!), she screams.  It makes me feel awful to think that she´s so afraid that I´m going to leave her.

There is so much more to tell you, but since I began writing this post, Evie has woken up for the day (at 9:15...thank you jet lag!), and I have to get her going.  We are going to meet my dad at his hotel and then run some errands.  I´m on my last diaper, and I´m out of travel size shampoo!!  I´ll write again as soon as I can. 

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