Tuesday, July 5, 2011

For your viewing pleasure...(And Toddle Along Tuesday)

Well, this little one likes to pose for the camera too much for me to get a good video of her crawling.  Plus, she hasn't really crawled much since Saturday.  It's like she's proven that she can do it, now she doesn't care to do it anymore.  

This video shows her doing what she really likes to do!  She has been cruising up a storm lately, and really likes to walk with her dinosaur.

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Peace Love & Poop said...

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for following my blog via Toddle Along Tuesday! I am sharing the love and following you back! :o)

diana said...

I'm following back from Toddle Along Tuesday. Thanks for following me!

Melissa said...

Thanks for stopping by and bringing to attention my follower button is down! I got it back up. I LOVE your blog and congrats on a movin little lady!

Brittany said...

New follower from Toddle Along Tuesday! Your daughter is adorable!


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