Saturday, July 23, 2011

How do you measure a year?

I'm not really into musicals.  To be honest, I've always found that song, "Seasons of Love" from Rent, a little annoying.  But lately, I've really been thinking about it.  It's been a crazy year.  Actually, a crazy ride that all started well over a year ago with an extra line on a home pregnancy test, and now look what we've got...a toddler.

 Mi hijita,
The moment you were born I looked at you and I thought, "You have your father's nose."  Yup, that's the first thing I thought.  Really sentimental, I know.  Then the nurse asked, "What's her name?"  You were laying on my chest.  I looked at you, and I cried when I told her your full name. 

You spent that first night away from us so that the doctors and nurses could help you breathe better.  The next night, you wouldn't let us put you down in the bassinet in our hospital room.  By 5 a.m., when you finally went to sleep, your dad and I laid you in between us on the hospital bed.  We cried, partially out of exhaustion, but mostly in awe of you. 

5 hours old
You have changed my and your dad's life in so many ways.  I don't think our house has ever had so much laughter.  I never thought I'd see your dad turn OFF a football game, but you have him wrapped around your finger.  The day after you were born he asked me, "Is it wrong that I just feel like buying her things?"  I'm sure he'll deny that when you start asking for a car and $600 prom dresses. 

You have changed more than I could ever put into words.  You seemed so helpless and fragile when you were born.  Now, I can barely keep up with you.  You crawl from wherever you are in the house to your bedroom to pull all of the books off of your shelves.  You could spend hours "reading" on the bedroom floor.  Daddy swings you upside down and you giggle hysterically. 

Eating real food is so much fun, and so messy

You breastfed voraciously every 2 hours back then, now I can barely nurse you twice a day.  You love to eat what mommy and daddy are eating.  Strawberries, grapes, pasta, and tacos are some of you favorites, but you're willing to try anything once.  You haven't cared for peas or watermelon.  

When you were born, you cried so quietly I was afraid that I wouldn't hear you in the next room.  Now, you try to talk to us.  You've even got a few words that only Daddy and I can really understand.  You can say "mama" and "dada," and you have your own word for dog that sounds like "daaah."   You can understand us now too.  You love to put your arms above your head whenever Daddy asks, "How big is Evie?"

The "how big is Evie" pose
There is no way to truly measure the amount of change.  The whole world shifted the moment you were born.  You are sleeping now, and before I laid you down, I said the same thing I've said every night for the past year, "Sueña con los angelitos, mi hijita.  I love you." 

Your mom

P.S.  I know I'm a little early.  Tomorrow is going to be a big day, and I wanted to make sure that I told you all of this before it got too crazy. 

Stats to come after Evie's 12 month appointment next Friday!!


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Awww, happy birthday to Evie! She is so beautiful. :)

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