Thursday, June 2, 2011

10 months

I know I'm a little late on this.  Evie turned 10 months old on May 24, but because I just started this blog on May 30, I thought I'd do her 10 month update now.

Height and Weight:  Height was 28 inches at your 9 month check up.  19 pounds 0 ounces at the doctor's office on Saturday.  Hopefully we're done with doctor's visits for now.  We need to kick that nasty ear infection!

Milestones:  This one is tough because I haven't been doing this every month.  Still not crawling, but getting closer every day.  Each day you seem closer and closer to cruising along furniture too.  You can stand up against the coffee table unassisted for quite a while.  You take steps with your right foot, but the left hasn't figured it out yet.  You pretty much end up in the splits next to the coffee table!

Loves: Going for walks.  Playing outside.  Laughing at Keeka.  Playing peek-a-boo.  And you really seemed to like playing in your new pool on Monday afternoon.

What mommy enjoys most about you at 10 months: Watching your personality blossom!  Every day you are more your own unique little individual with your own quirks.

Dad, I thought pools were supposed to have water in them...???

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