Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cheeseheads in the Flatlands

Last weekend, Evie and I visited my youngest sister 4 hours away in central Illinois.  Her husband is going to school there to earn his Ph.D. in nutrition.  They have been living there for about a year now, but I know that she really misses Wisconsin.  My middle sister drove from central Iowa to meet us there as well.
All three of us at my youngest sister's college graduation (2009)
Evie did pretty well in the car

My youngest sis and bro-in-law with 1 week old Evie

My middle sis with Evie at Thanksgiving
We don't have the opportunity to get together very often like this, and we really try to enjoy it when we can.  They don't get to see Evie very often either, so they really enjoy their time with her too.  I am very close to both of my sisters.  My middle sister is two years younger than me, and my youngest sister is less than 18 months younger than the middle one.  Growing up so close in age, we've always had a lot in common.  Our extended family is also very female dominant.  Our mom has three sisters with whom she is very close, so we've always had a strong female influence in our lives. 

First time in the big pool
We had a laid back weekend together.  Friday night, we went out for dinner and had a couple of drinks.  Saturday morning we went shopping, and then Saturday afternoon we took Evie into the big pool for the first time ever!  She LOVED it!!  We out for dinner and for a walk around my brother-in-law's campus on Saturday evening.  Before we knew it, it was Sunday morning and time to head back home. 
General sister goofiness

I talk to both of my sisters pretty much every day, and living as far away from each other as we have over the past couple of years has been difficult.  I hope that one day Evie can roll her eyes at her mom and aunts the way we used to at my mom and her sisters.  We get pretty goofy when we're together, so I don't think that will be a problem.  ;)
This weekend with the giant cupcake

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