Sunday, June 5, 2011

An end in sight

Only three more days of school until summer vacation!  I feel so fortunate that I will have this extra time with Evie.  I am excited about all of the things that we will get to do together, like play in the pool, go for walks to the park, and so much more!  I feel like we'll be able to do more than when I was on maternity leave because I won't have to worry about being home to nurse her every two hours.   

As much as I love this glimpse into the life of a stay at home mom, I know that it's not the job for me.  Not full time, at least.  I think that I'm a better mom when I can contribute outside of the home as well.  Also, the energy necessary to take care of Evie all day, every day amazes me.  I give stay at home moms so much credit for being able to engage their kids all day, and maintain their own sanity too. 

But really, all I'm thinking right now is....WOO HOOO!!!!!  SUMMER!!!!!!

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