Thursday, June 16, 2011

Total Baking Fail

I normally consider myself a reasonably good cook.  Only once (that I remember) in my married life have I created something inedible.  Around Christmas time a few years ago, I made ginger snaps that turned out so rock hard that even the dog wouldn't eat them!! Then came Wednesday, I believe that my inedible count went up to 2. 

Sometime over the past year or so, I misplaced my go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe (if you have a good one, let me know!!), so I looked up a recipe online.  I found one that was "chewy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies."  I had no desire to put oatmeal in them...we're not really oatmeal cookie people.  I figured I'd just leave it out, and we'd have chewy chocolate chip cookies.

Boy, was I wrong!!!  Here is the result:

Yes, that is 9 cookies melded into one GIANT cookie on my baking sheet.  Apparently, oatmeal cookies don't call for as much flour because the oatmeal soaks up some of the wet ingredients.  Obviously, I was not aware of this.  In hindsight, I did think it was strange that the recipe only called for 1 1/4 cups of flour.

I quickly added more flour to the remaining dough and I managed to salvage a few decent cookies.

In the end, all that really matters is that the dough tasted REALLY good.  ;)

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Kristin said...

hehe they look like muffins ;) glad you were able to salvage some! I tried to make sourdough bread a couple months SUPAH Fail!!

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