Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Breastfeeding Page

Now that I have completely weaned Miss Evie, I decided to compile all of my breastfeeding posts into one convenient place.  I created a new "Breastfeeding" tab at the top of the page for anyone who is currently breastfeeding, thinking about breastfeeding, has ever breastfed, or is just plain interested in the topic.

Most of my posts are in the latter stages of breastfeeding because Evie was 10 months old when I began this blog.  However, I also posted links to some of the websites that I found most helpful when we were first starting our breastfeeding experience. 

Evie and I were very lucky that, overall, breastfeeding went very smoothly for us and was a great experience.  I'm more than happy to share any tips, etc. with anyone who is nursing right now.  I guess I just miss posting about boobs breastfeeding.  :( 

Anyway, check out the page and let me know what you think!!


basebell6 said...

what a great idea! speaking of bfing, read this satire. i rolled on the floor laughing. it is HILARIOUS!!

basebell6 said...

oops. link: http://mothering.com/all-things-mothering/breastfeeding/how-to-breastfeed-appropriately-a-stern-guide

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