Sunday, February 19, 2012

More sick baby, and a busted-ish computer

Well, Evie is sick...again.  I received a phone call at school early Friday afternoon from my daycare provider.  She rarely calls me at school (only 3 times that I can think of in the past year), so anytime it happens my stomach immediately drops and I flip out a little inside.  Evie was incredibly lethargic and running a low grade fever.  Fortunately, M was able to leave work early and pick her up.

When I got home from work, we decided to take her to urgent care.  Her fever had gone up to 102 by that time, and the doctor looked at her ears and immediately diagnosed a left ear infection.  He said the right side wasn't looking great either, but wasn't nearly as bad as the left.  We picked up her prescription and headed home.  She slept from 8 on Friday night until 7 Saturday morning.  (I know many kids do this frequently, but our child does not!!!) 

Yesterday, the fever was gone and I could tell that she felt much better after a good night's sleep.  She was back to her usual antics.  (Climbing is her newest trick.  Yeah, that's fun.)  She really had me worried on Friday though.  I've never seen her so lethargic.  She barely moved at all, and she kept drifting in and out of sleep.  Mono has been going around at school and I was sure that she had it and the world was going to end.  (Sometimes I flip out a little.) 

Bath time tonight - Back to normal!!
I'm just glad that she seems to be feeling better.  Hopefully the amoxicillin does the trick and we have no more illnesses this winter!!!!  (Fingers crossed, knocking on something wooden.) 

P.S.  My computer is SUPER SLOW lately.  I think we may have a virus or something stupid like that.  Hopefully we'll have that taken care of soon too...I'm angling for a new computer.  ;)

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