Thursday, February 9, 2012

Please don't let my child inherit this trait

I'm a worrier.  I worry about everything under the sun.  Hell, I worry about the sun!  (Did we remember the sun block!?!!?!?)
Seriously, Mom, just chill out!!!

This is nothing new.  Going off to college sent me into a panic for a full couple of years preceding the actual event.  Waiting for my flight to Spain to study abroad, I fainted in the airport bathroom.  Job interviews were enough to take me out for about a week at a time.  My first year of teaching basically involved me making it through each class to collapse in a pile of nerves after my students left my classroom.

Now that I'm a parent, I even worry about how much I worry.  (Not to mention that there's a lot more to worry about now too!)  I don't want Evie to live her life consumed by anxiety, but I know that I'm not setting a very good example.  I never want her to hesitate to say how she feels, or to miss an opportunity to do something great all because it might not work out the way she plans.

This is one of my biggest dreams for Evie.  Someday I hope that she'll be confident and never second guess herself - the total opposite of me.

Of course, I want her to have my amazing sense of humor and style.  :-P  But I really hope she knows how to relax and go with the flow too!!

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basebell6 said...

i think you and i are soul sisters. does your worrying cause you to suffer from EXTREMELY BAD INSOMNIA? back when i was in high school, i was an super worry-wort; so much of life was unresolved and needed worrying about. which college to chose? what to major in? will i ever get married? will i ever have kids? where will i live? will i find a job? pretty soon it would be 4 AM and i'd be worried about who would be taking care of me when i was 90 years old.


now that most of the unknowns have resolved, i worry a TON less. i am actually shocked about how little i worry now that i have a kid. my 1 and only worry right now is my job situation and what to do about that. i still second guess my decision to go back next year and am often awake at 3 am worrying about next year and adjusting to being away from blaine and him adjusting to a babysitter, me not being able to handle the stress of being a working mom, etc.

p.s. worth mentioning, one of the bigger reasons i have decided to go back to my job next year is so that i dont ever have to worry about job interviews again. LOL. so i heard ya on that!!

Nikki said...

Yup, definitely have the insomnia problem too!! Fortunately for me, it didn't start until I had my first teaching job. I think that the isomnia helped prepare me for having a child because I don't think I've gotten more than about 5 - 6 hours of sleep a night in my adult!!

P.S. Job worry was actually what sparked this post! I'm thinking of applying for different jobs for next school's not just the interviews; I can't imagine starting over at a new school!!!

basebell6 said...

do you want a diff job at the same school or do you want to go to a new school? good luck!!!

Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

I am such a worrier as well! :/ Let me know if you figure out the secret to get this under control! :)

Elizabeth @Our Life

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