Monday, April 23, 2012

9 weeks

Nine weeks already!!  I have my first doctor's appointment on Wednesday and I was very excited to find out that I'm going to have an ultrasound too.  I am seeing the same doctor that I did with Evie, and normally she only does the big anatomy scan at 20 weeks.  Because I was still on the pill when I got pregnant, they want to make sure that they have an accurate calculation of how far along I actually am.  So, hopefully I'm actually 9 weeks, and maybe I'm a little further than that.  ::fingers crossed::

I'm still not feeling pregnant, other than the morning/all day sickness.  I don't look pregnant at all either.  (Not that I really want to, but I thought that I would by now.)  A co-worker guessed I was pregnant when I was 11 weeks with Evie.  I feel like nothing has changed about my appearance at all, and I actually weigh less than I did before I got pregnant!

9 weeks pregnant

How far along? 9 weeks

Fruit of the week: In week nine, baby is the size of a green olive. 

Weight gain/loss: -2 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I lost two pounds in the past week.

Feeling: Still dizzy.  I'm not so much nauseous as that I just don't have an appetite.  Nothing ever sounds really good.   

Sleep: Better.  Evie is over her ear infection, so she's been sleeping through the night again.  I have officially given myself permission to nap whenever she takes a nap on the weekends too.  :)

Food cravings: Cravings: none.  Aversions: just about everything.  I feel like I have to force myself to eat.  It's gross.

Gender? This week I'm feeling....boy!

What I miss? The desire to eat. 

Best moment this week:Hanging out with Evie and my mother-in-law at the big farmer's market by the state capitol on Saturday.  LOVE the farmer's market!!!

What I'm looking forward to: My appointment on Wednesday and my niece being born!!  My sister is being induced at 8:30 tomorrow morning.  Hopefully things go smoothly and everyone is happy and healthy and we have a baby sometime tomorrow!!!

Next Appointment: Wednesday!!!!!

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