Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break '12

I was on spring break all of last week, and it was so nice to have more time to spend with Evie.  I've been feeling guilty (yes, already) about the fact that in a few months, I'm going to have to divide my attention between her and a newborn.  I'm really going to cherish my time off with her until then.  :) 

We did quite a bit over the course of the week.  The weekend before Easter, we went to visit M's parents at the farm.  They babysat while we went to a concert in Dubuque, Iowa with a group of friends.  We saw Shooter Jennings with Cody Canada and the Departed.  It was a GREAT concert!!  Anytime Shooter Jennings is within two hours of us, we always go see him.  We told our friends that I'm expecting again.  We didn't plan on telling, but I didn't feel like doing the fake drinking/lying about taking antibiotics all night.  They would have been suspicious of any reason that I gave them for not drinking anyway.  ;)

Self-portrait from the concert.

During the week while M was working, Evie and I just hung out.  The weather was cool, but sunny, so we were able to spend a lot of time outside.  We went to the park every day and we took the dog for walks.  It was just really relaxing. 
Evie swinging
Evie gets into EVERYTHING these days.  I told M we need to build shelving about 6 feet high around our entire house because I feel like I run out of counter space putting things where she can't reach them.  Here she is taking things out of the fridge.  Apparently she wanted to celebrate spring break college style.

Don't worry, the silo can of Miller Lite was closed.

Thursday night we drove up to my parent's for the holiday weekend.  M and I left Evie with them on Friday while we went to Brewer's opening day in Milwaukee.  There is always a huge group of our friends that go to opening day.  It's been a tradition with M and his friends for the past 10 years, long before the Brewers were any good.  It was much easier to get tickets back! 

After the game (which they lost), we drove back up to my parent's.  We spent the day there on Saturday, then drove back to Milwaukee on Sunday to go to another Brewer's game (which they also lost).  Evie came with us to that one.  She does very well at events like that.  It gives me hope that our 8 hour plane ride in a few months will go smoothly. 

It was a great spring break.  I think we made the most of it.  I was able to spend some quality time with M and Evie.  That's all I could ask for!!

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Amber said...

Haha. That's how my friends found out I was pregnant, too. It just wasn't in my nature to not even have one beer when we went out one night. I didn't want to be *that* girl, but I totally was.

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