Sunday, April 29, 2012

Eating Issues

Evie has always been a pretty good eater.  She is no pickier than the average toddler, but lately mealtimes have been a BATTLE!!!  She won't sit in her high chair.  She won't eat anything I put in front of her.  But she will run for the cupboard that the graham crackers are in as soon as I am done cleaning up whatever meal she hasn't eaten.

One of Evie's first meals in her high chair

Today, she didn't eat a single "real" meal.  She ate half a yogurt cup for breakfast (she usually finishes the whole cup), ate most of a fruit and veggie pouch for lunch (they are only 3.5 oz of baby food style fruits and veggies), and for dinner she ate two graham crackers because I gave up and just let her have them.  Her weight is fine, so I'm not worried about her health (at this point), but I'm more frustrated by the fact that she throws a fit every time I try to put her in her high chair.  Even bribing her with her beloved yogurt bites doesn't do the trick anymore.  When she actually wants to eat, she wants to sit in my lap to do it.

It's bad at home, but it's even worse when we go out to eat.  M and I have always enjoyed going out for dinner on the weekends.  (Seriously, who wants to cook on the weekends?!?!)  Having a child didn't really slow us down.  Evie has always been pretty good at restaurants, and we usually stick with places that are kid friendly.  (Buffalo Wild Wings is our favorite - it's loud and there are lots of distractions...and really good wings!!)  Since Evie has wanted to sit on my lap to eat, we have to eat in shifts.  M hurries to finish his meal.  By the time he is done, Evie is sick of sitting at the table, so I eat by myself while he wanders around the restaurant trying to entertain her.

I think times are a-changing.  We are going to try a booster seat at home to see if that novelty will get her back in the habit of eating in her own chair and not in my lap.  M and I had a talk yesterday about the fact that we may not be able to go out to eat as much for the next few months.  :(  I suppose we'll save some money...or just start ordering take out, lol.  I know that it's just a phase, but it's sure a frustrating one!!!

I'd love to hear some suggestions!!  Have you had any similar issues with your child?  How did you get through it?

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Keska George Gadson said...

Following from the Make My Morning Blog.

I have a one year old so I know exactly what you are talking about. Sometimes, if we put his food in his bowl, even if its the same thing as ours, he won't eat it but he wants what we have. So we fake it. Put his bowl inside ours and feed him with a regular small spoon. Anything to trick him.

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