Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What I've been reading

I have done book "reviews" in the past, but I hesitate to call them that.  More than anything, I love to read, and I like to share what I believe are good, interesting books with others. 

Recently, I finished The Hunger Games (Scholastic, 2008) by Suzanne Collins.  With all of the Hunger Games "hysteria" about the movie coming out later this month, I had to read the book before the movie came out.  The book is written for young adults, so many of my students have read it too. 

 My students had been bugging me to read the book for a while.  They told me the plot, and I hardly believe that this could be a book written for young people.  Basically, a group of twenty four 12 - 18 year olds are chosen to compete to the death for the entertainment of the "Capitol."  The Capitol controls the whole country and they use the Hunger Games as a way to exhibit their dominance over the lesser "districts."  The storyline seemed too gruesome for a young adult novel, but that's what it is.

While it was gruesome, this book was also incredibly addictive!!!  I couldn't put it down, and when I wasn't reading it, I was thinking about it.  I'm really curious as to how they are going to make a movie from this book.  It's very futuristic, and I think that seeing the movie would ruin the vision that I have of the District 12 (where, Katniss, the main character is from), the Capitol, and the arena in which the Games take place. 

I really enjoyed this book, and I made M go buy me the 2nd book in the trilogy the day after I finished The Hunger Games.  I am about 50 pages into that right now, and I'm excited to see how everything turns out.  It's been fun to chat with my students about the book too.  Every day they come into class and ask me what part I read the night before. 

Have you read The Hunger Games?  What did you think of it?  Are you planning to see the movie?


basebell6 said...

I too read them when I saw the movie was coming out. VERY ADDICTIVE. I got book 1 at the library and when I finished, I had to put a hold on book 2. THE WAIT WAS A KILLER!! So I learned my lesson and borrowed book 3 from a friend so I could start it the minute I finished the 2nd. hehe.

I will definitely see the movie! I only see a movie at the theater about twice a year, but this will be one of them!

Nikki said...

I watched the trailer for the movie when I was writing this post, and it actually looks pretty good. The whole time I was reading the book, I wondered how they could ever make it into a movie.

Plus, I read that Suzanne Collins wrote the screen play and was a producer of the movie, so hopefully it stays pretty true to the book.

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