Saturday, March 31, 2012

My dog hates my baby...but not really.

Before Evie was born, my dog, Keeka, was my baby.  We are totally those people that treat their dog like a human, and she truly is part of our family.  Keeka is a dachshund mixed with something.  We adopted her from a shelter in 2008.  She was found stray, so we're not really sure about her origins.  She is slightly obese on the heavier side, and she is the bossiest dog I've ever met.  It's Keeka's way or the highway (at least that's what she thinks), and that doesn't always mesh with a toddler around.

Keeka...very cute, but not exactly slim

  • Keeka was outside to do her business and Evie was standing at the patio door watching her wander around the backyard.  M asked Evie, "How big is Keeka?"  She put her arms in the air and said, "Big," in a very serious tone.  We know Keeka's a little portly, but we try not to bring it up for Keeka's sake.  
  • We have an invisible electric fence so that Keeka doesn't wander off into the neighbor's yards.  She has a special collar that she has to wear for it.  We got home from a walk last Sunday, and of course, Keeka didn't have the collar on because we had left the yard.  Evie picked up the collar from the coffee table and started chasing Keeka around the living room and kitchen trying to put in on her.  Evie was very upset that Keeka wouldn't hold still, and Keeka was upset that Evie was even attempting to do this.  M and I just watched and laughed!
  • Evie loves dogs in general.  Anytime she hears one of the neighborhood dogs bark, she stops whatever she's doing, runs to the window, frantically looks for the dog and yells, "Doggie!!"  
  • Evie often tried to hug and kiss Keeka with mixed results.  Keeka mostly just tries to run away from Evie.  I think it's cute that Evie obviously cares about her so much.  
  • But in the end, Keeka loves Evie...I know she does.  When M and I were gone once and my mom was babysitting, Keeka laid in Evie's room by her crib the entire time she napped. 
Keeka laying in Evie's room while she naps

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Alyssa said...

I can so picture chasing the dog around the living room with the collar!! Hilarious!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

The chasing of her and your dog is so funny! Their relationship is so darn cute! Such cuteness! Love it! Have a great weekend!

healthymommyhealthybaby said...

Cute post. I think all dachshunds are the name Keeka! Her relationship with Evie sounds very similar to that of my own fur baby and toddler. He gets annoyed by her, but is with her all the time anyway and clearly protective of her.

Stopping by from Curious Wisdom's Finally Friday hop and now following :)


P.S. I really like the name you chose for your blog too :) said...

My daughter loves dogs too, which is funny because we don't have one and she hasn't had much exposure to them. I think she'll be an animal lover like me!

Kristina said...

Visiting from last week's Toddle Along Tuesday (there isn't one this week)! Following you :)


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