Monday, March 19, 2012

We're really doing this!

Well, Evie and I are really going to Spain. I wrote a few months ago about the possibility of spending a few weeks in Spain during the month of June.  Evie and I will have the opportunity to stay with a Spanish host family. 

M and I talked it over extensively during December and decided that we could make it work.  Evie will be young enough that we don't have to buy her her own seat on the plane, which cuts the cost in half.  Also, my dad offered to go with me to help me out.  He LOVES to travel, and the timeframe worked for him.  He won't be staying with the family with us, and will probably travel around Spain a bit on his own while we are there.  M agreed to letting us go for 2 and a half weeks, a compromise between my preference to go for 3 weeks, and his preference that we only go for 2 weeks. 

So, in January the planning began.  Now that it's only a few months away, everything is starting to seem very real.  We had to apply for a passport for Evie, and I had to renew mine.  We've booked tickets to Barcelona, where we're going to spend a few days before moving on to Valladolid, the city where we'll be staying with our host family.  The host family consists of the two parents, and three young-ish kids. 

I'm nervous about the traveling, but I know that it will go quickly enough.  The travel portions of the trip can only last so long.  It may be hell, but it will end.  I am looking forward to seeing how a family lives in Spain, comparing and contrasting parenting styles in the two countries, and learning more about the school systems.  I am also hoping that I can make some connections to set up exchanges for my students in the future. 

Oh yeah, and it's Spain.  The gorgeous weather, the amazing food, and the laid back lifestyle will make it all worth it in the end.  I never dreamed that it would take 10 years for me to get back, but I know that if I don't do it now, it may be another 10 before I have this kind of opportunity again.  Taking Evie will be amazing.  She may not remember it, but I will. 


Sarah [] said...

You ARE brave! ;) But it will go well! How old will she be?

Charis's Mum said...

How exciting? You're very brave to be travelling with your toddler. I definitely recommend having a carrier, such as the Boba with you!! I loved it in the airports and plane when we went to Northern Ireland with our daughter.

Tara said...

Sounds so fun! One day I'll travel like that. :) Have fun and take lots of pictures for Evie and yourself!

Toni Keltner said...

I would love to visit Spain. My grandfather was from Spain and I would love visit one day. You'll have a lovely time! Following you from Manic Mommy Monday!

basebell6 said...

you will make some amazing memories together! and how cool that your dad will go too?! one more entertainer for the plane ride! jealous!

Nikki said...

She'll be 22 months when we go. It will be interesting I'm sure! Thanks for all of the supportive comments. I change my mind on a daily basis as to whether or not this is a good idea. But like I said, I think I just have to go for it! :)

Nancy said...

How exciting! I bet you and Evie will have a blast.

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