Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cheap Entertainment

We aren't too fancy around here, so most of our entertainment (spare all of the Brewer games) is pretty cheap.  Some of Evie's favorites are the most simple things we do, like:

Going to the mall play area.  I discovered this on a cold winter afternoon, and it's one of Evie's favorite things to do.  This is inexpensive as long as I stay away from the baby clothes at Kohl's on the way to the play area.  ;)

Walking the dog last summer.

Taking the dog for a walk.  Evie loves going for walks, and last summer we went for several jogs too.  (She loved going fast!!)  The stroller was a little pricey up front ($100, so I guess not too pricey by stroller standards), and I bet we put on around 75-100 miles last summer alone. 

Reading books.  We frequent garage sales this time of year, and most of Evie's books are garage sale finds that cost us less than a $1, and many others were gifts.  Books are always on her Christmas list!!  She could look at books for hours and they help keep her entertained when we are out and about.

Going to the park.  Now that it's nice out most of the time, the park is where it's at!  Evie loves the swings, the slide, pretty much everything about it.  Seeing her laugh while she swings and saying "whee!!" when she goes down the slide melt my heart every time. 

It doesn't get much more simple than that!

What are some inexpensive activities that you do with your child?  
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Tara said...

Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog via Top Baby Blogs and love it! Nice to find another person who continued nursing past a year. Signed up to follow:)

Caroline said...

Very active and fun! Love it!

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