Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Getting a Little Nervous

Tomorrow is Evie's tear duct blockage surgery.  It's a routine procedure that has a 90% success rate (that's the statistic given to me by our pediatric opthamologist).  The surgery itself only takes about 30 minutes, and they said that we'll probably be at the hospital for about 3 - 4 hours total.  So, I wasn't really nervous about it...until the surgical nurse called to confirm the appointment yesterday. 

She was going over the procedure and everything that we should be prepared for.  First, she asked if anyone was coming with me to the appointment.  M's job is crazy this time of year, so he can't take off, and my sisters and my parents are all busy, so I told her that it would probably just be me.  She hesitated and then said, "Oh, I'm sure you'll be fine." That was a red flag.  After I told M about that, he called him mom and she's going to drive up to go with me.  Whew!

The nurse also told me to make sure to dress Evie in something that doesn't have to go over her head because her eye will be sore for a few days.  I just don't want to see her in pain.  Evie rubs her face a lot when she's tired, and I'm really worried that she's going to aggravate the tender area...

The good part of the phone call was that that nurse asked if I am breastfeeding.  When I told her that I am, she said, "Great!  We love breastfed babies because it helps comfort them after the surgery."  I felt good about that.  I'm just nervous that I won't have much for her at that point in time.  We're doing morning and evening feedings only at this point, and my supply is very diminished during the day and over night.  I guess she can comfort nurse if all else fails.  Breast milk also counts a clear liquid, so I can nurse her until 4:30 tomorrow morning.  I'm planning on getting up at 4:00 and breastfeeding her so that she has something in her stomach before the surgery.

Overall, I'm probably just overreacting about the whole thing.  I'm a worrier, and situations like this don't help!!  I'm sure everything will be fine, and she'll feel a lot better when I don't have to wipe up her eye goop all of the time. 


basebell6 said...

good luck! glad you go someone to go with you. i'm sure she'll do great!

Jet's Journey said...

Ugh, my heart aches for you. Praying for Evie!

And, whether or not you have any milk to give her, I'm sure she'll enjoy cuddling in her mommma's arms, smelling her, and suckling. Poor baby.

Please keep us updated!

Nikki said...

Thanks for the kind words!! Everything went well!

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