Monday, August 29, 2011

We've got a biter!

Evie only has two teeth, but I'm pretty sure that she has a biting problem.  For a while, she bit me while she was nursing.  THANK GOD that has passed!!  But she still bites my arm/shoulder/chest/leg/foot/whatever she can.  It doesn't really hurt that much, but I'm still worried about it. 

I begin school tomorrow and my biggest fear is that Evie's babysitter will tell me she bit the other kids when I pick her up tomorrow afternoon.  When she bites me, I've been pulling away from her and saying "Ow, no biting!"  I don't know if it's working or not.  I think I just have to give it more time.  I feel a little better too that she hasn't tried to bite M or anyone else that I know of.  Hopefully she'll keep her teeth off of the other kids at daycare too!!!

Have any of you dealt with biting?  What have you done to stop it?  When did you little one outgrow it?


Sarah said...

Braden started biting at about 4 months only when he nursed. I had mentally prepared for this and had read somewhere to say "ow" a louder than your normal voice to startle and even scare them...well that was my natural reaction anyway when he nursed and bit me the first time, he cried :( but he never did it again! Same might work for when she bites other parts of you? Just a thought!

Jazmin @ The Miller's said...

I'm sure this is just a stage. Pray that it will not affect her while she is with her babysitter. :o) That's what I do when I am worried about newish & scary things my girls are doing. Seems to go by more peacefully after I do that. :o)


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