Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - A Great Daddy

I was looking back at pictures of when Evie was a newborn and I found these of her and M.  It made me choke up a little.  M is an absolutely amazing father, and I probably don't tell him that enough.

M and Evie's first picture together.  She was only a few hours old, and she was still in the NICU for her breathing issues.

Our first full night together in the hospital.  She cried most of the night.  When she finally went to sleep at 5 AM, M and I laid on the hospital bed and cried wondering what on earth we had gotten ourselves into.  We promptly called M's mom to come stay with us for a few!

My favorite pic.  Evie and Daddy taking a nap together.  Evie was probably about 10 days old.

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