Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm going to have a niece!

I posted a while back the my sister is pregnant.  She is due on April 24, and I couldn't be more excited!!  She is officially 20 weeks today, and yesterday was her big ultrasound.  She and her husband decided to find out if they are having a boy or girl, and the ultrasound technician told them that there's a "90% chance it's a girl."

The baby was being uncooperative, so the tech was hesitant to say one way or the other at first.  As she went through all of the measurements, she became more confident that they are having a girl.  Of course, we were all excited to find out the gender, but the really good news is that everything is measuring right on schedule, and she looks like she'll be a healthy baby! 

When my sister told me that they were finding out the sex, I was actually a little disappointed.  M and I didn't find out.  Hearing him say "we have a daughter" when Evie was born will be forever burned in my memory.  It is the coolest moment of my life.  My sister has been teasing me for the past few weeks that she just wouldn't tell me.  That would have driven me insane, and there was no way she could keep it from me anyway.  (My family is funny though: My dad really didn't want to know.  He actually wouldn't let my sister or my mom tell him, and he's going to try to keep from finding out for the next 4 and a half months.) 

 So, we (except for my dad) are planning on another little girl in the family.  I can't wait to meet her!!!  :)

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Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com] said...

Congrats! I'm going to have a new niece in April too!

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