Monday, September 26, 2011

The cat's out of the bag...

My sister has a bun in the oven!!!!  I'm so excited to be an aunt!!!!!!!  Well, I'm already an aunt on my in-law's side, M's brother and his wife have two sons and a daughter, but this will be the first on my side.  Evie is currently my parent's only grandchild.   That's all going to change in April of 2012!   Today was their first ultrasound, and everything looked good.  She will be 10 weeks along tomorrow.

My sister and her husband recently moved to the area from Des Moines.  I am so excited to have her nearby for her pregnancy.  She is actually seeing the same doctor that I saw when I was pregnant with Evie.

I've known that she was pregnant for a couple of weeks because she almost vomited all over me while helping me move our new treadmill into the house.  (I obviously wouldn't have asked her to help me if I'd known she was pregnant!  I still don't understand why she tried to help me anyway...)  She swore me to secrecy, which pretty much killed me.  They FINALLY told my parents and the rest of the family over the weekend. 

I hope and pray for happy and healthy 9 months for my sister, her husband, and their new addition!!


Sarah [Nurse Loves Farmer] said...

So exciting! My only brother and his wife are expecting at the same time! :) First cousin on my side of the family for Braden!

basebell6 said...

that's AWESOME!! congrats to her!

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