Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Fun with the Phone

We got rid of our land line a while ago, and since we have no need for the phone anymore, we took out the batteries and gave it to Evie as a toy.  She is fascinated by it!  She used to just play with the buttons, but she recently began having intense "conversations" on it. 

Who should I call??

Talking to...ummm...grandma! (Not really sure who else she would call.)
Mom, it's for you!!
P.S.  And yes, that's a Halloween shirt that glows in the dark!  We love fall and Halloween at our house, so we're already celebrating!!


Staci said...

so cute! e always tries to grab my iphone whenever i leave it somewhere she can grab. this is a good idea!!

By Word of Mouth Musings said...

You have to try and record the epic phone chats! She is adorable!

Victoria said...

It's funny how much they like phones. My little guy's face lights up when he hears it ring. We always call my husband at work too so that we can put it on speaker phone and he can hear the rings.

Mama G said...

Love the Halloween onesie!!

Amber said...

That's too cute, and I'm pretty jealous of that glow in the dark Halloween shirt!

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