Monday, September 12, 2011

I feel like a newlywed again!!

Not because of anything my husband has done for me (he's great, but the honeymoon phase ended quite a while ago for us!), but because of all of the questions about "Baby #2." 

Since Evie turned 1, I feel like the world expects me to be pregnant again immediately.  In the past few weeks I've gotten questions from several co-workers, my mother-in-law has hinted she'd like more grandchildren, and even my own sister (who knows we're not planning to TTC for a while) has said something about it.  It seems like just because we have one child, everyone feels like they have the right to ask when we'll have another. 

M and I have discussed adding more children pretty extensively, and we both wholeheartedly agree that we will be a family of 3 for a while longer.  I am really enjoying our time with Evie, and to be honest, I don't really know how I'd get around with another child.  Obviously, I'd adapt.  Right now I enjoy being able to take shopping trips, driving to see my parents (a 2 1/2 hour car ride), and going out to eat relatively easily.  Evie and I do great on our own.  M works very different hours than I do, and we've gotten pretty good at maneuvering pretty much wherever I feel like taking us. 

Some days I even wonder if we will have another baby at all....  Overall, things are pretty awesome right now.  Why fix it if it isn't broken???

Maybe I'll feel differently if/when we're truly ready...

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basebell6 said...

the only people in my life that comment on baby #2 are people who i tell: "i'm on child care leave for 2 years". they always say, "well you'll have another baby by then!!" and i am like "nooooooooooooooooooooooooo". i have 4 real-life friends pregnant with baby 2 now (and baby 1 is about blaine's age!) and one friend is even due next week (yes she got preggo when baby 1 was four months old. ON PURPOSE. she needs a sanity check!). a few books i read actually say the best age spread is 4 years because 1) kids will be less competitive and 2) it actually takes that long for a woman's body to fully recover from being pregnant / bfing baby #1. so that makes me feel like i'm being smart by waiting!! even when it feels lonely and it feels like i'm the only one NOT waiting! :) i want blaine in kindergarten when baby 2 is born!

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