Thursday, September 8, 2011

When you grow up...

Mi hijita,
As each milestone passes, I know that you are one step closer to being your own independent person.  I try not to mourn the passing of each stage, and I also try not to hope for unpleasant stages to pass either.  I try to enjoy each moment as it happens. 

As much as I attempt that, whenever I look at you, I can't help but think about the future... 

Could you be a piano prodigy?

 Could you be the star of your high school basketball team?  (If that happens, you DEFINITELY didn't inherit those genes from your mama, trust me!!)

Could you find the cure for some horrible disease?

Could you be a great friend/mother/wife?

Of course I've dreamed of what you'll be, but what I want most for you is happiness
...whatever that looks like for you. 

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Jeniffer said...

Imagining the future is always fun. (And, yes, if any of my kids turn out to be athletes, I'm going to be shocked!) Whoever, whatever, long as she is herself! I also have trouble trying to focus on being thankful for who my daughter is turning out to be instead of focusing on who she was. Milestones can be tough!

Visiting from the Breastfeeding Blog Hop and Sisters 'N Cloth!

Five of US said...

It's scary not knowing, but then again, that's half the fun. All we know now, is our three kids have a love of football and dancing. We'll see where that takes us.
Visiting from the BF Blog Hop,
The (non)Working Girl

Mama G said...

I love this! I think about all of the possibilities often, but in the end...I think you said it best. Whatever happiness is for her.

Amber said...

What a great post! And I know what you mean about being a basketball star. If Liam becomes an athlete, he certainly didn't get it from me ;).

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