Sunday, September 4, 2011

Holy Crap, I have a toddler!!

Evie took her first steps yesterday.  She has been testing her standing ability by letting go of the coffee table (or whatever she managed to pull up on) quite a bit lately, and I thought that it might happen soon.  She was holding onto the couch and I was sitting on the floor about 3 feet away from her.  She let go, and just walked to me.  It was like she'd been planning that moment for ages.  She probably only took 3 or 4 steps, but they were the first unassisted steps of her life!!

M was sitting on the couch when it happened, and I was glad that both of us were here to see it.  We kept trying to get her to do it again, and she did take a few more steps before face-planting onto the floor.  A little while later, she took a few more steps...before face-planting again.  I think this may be a recurring theme until she really gets this whole "walking" thing figured out.

It was pretty amazing to see the first of the millions of steps that she will take in her life.  Of course, I cried like a fool....  :)

Edited 10/24/11:  Evie finally figured out (in the past two weeks or so) that walking is more efficient than crawling, and she is unstoppable!!  I'm exhausted from chasing her all over, and I love every second of it!

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jellybelly said...

Now it gets exciting for parents and baby :) My toddler still amazes me everyday with what she learns.

The Twerp and I

Sarah [Nurse Loves Farmer] said...

Doesn't it just hit you like that - WOW A TODDLER! They grow too fast!

Anonymous said...

I know this moment is coming soon for us - I'm equally excited and terrified. :)

Elizabeth @Our Life

Mama G @ Growing Up Geeky said...

OMG how exciting yet horrifying at the same time!

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