Monday, October 24, 2011

15 months

Evie is 15 months old today.  It's crazy to think that at this time last year I was dreading the end of my maternity leave, and just beginning to feel like I had any sort of clue what I was doing as a mother.

Evie, 3 months old

Now, I still feel like I am just beginning to figure out this motherhood thing, but with a walking, talking (a little) toddler.  What a crazy ride this mom thing is!!

At 15 months:
  • Evie has several words, including most recently, "baby."  She is the youngest at her daycare and many of the other kids say "Hi baby" to her all of the time.  She has started saying "Hi baby" to everyone, including me and M!  So cute!!
  • Evie has said her first word in Spanish too.  She says "pato" to all of the rubber ducks in the bathtub with her. 
  • She is walking all. the. time.  It took her a little while, but I think she's finally decided that walking is more efficient than crawling.  Every time she walks across the room, I can't help but smile.
  • She loves fruit, spaghetti, tacos, cheese, my pal Scout, spending time with other kids, making loud banging noises with items found on the floor, dancing, "driving" her toy car, playing with the dog, hugging mommy, daddy, other kids at daycare, and pretty much anyone who will let her, and reading books.
  • She hates being put in the carseat, being put in the stroller, being told "no," having the remote control or a cell phone taken away from her, being picked up/being set down (depending on the circumstances), grocery shopping, and anything garlicky.

"Helping" daddy fold the laundry last week.

Playing outside a couple of weeks ago.

It's so crazy to see how much Evie changes and how quickly it all happens.  I can't imagine what she'll be like a year from now!

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Jen + Jeff said...

Awwwww. Leila wore that exact outfit for Halloween last year (at one month old). And hooray for toddler tantrums...I mean, do we have a choice?!?

Amber said...

So cute. I love that daycare story. All the kids at daycare call Liam "baby" or "little one" too.

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