Sunday, October 2, 2011

Let's Go Brewers!

 M and I are Brewers fans from way back.  Before Evie was born, we went to 8 - 10 games a year.  This year, we went to 3 as a family, and M went to several more with his buddies.   The team had their best season in years, and they made it to the playoffs!!

Evie at her first game in Apri

M was lucky enough to get tickets to yesterday's playoff game, but I wasn't able to go with him because a friend from college got married.  He ditched me on our anniversary for a baseball game, and I didn't even mind.  Wow, I must be the coolest wife ever!

Evie and M at the first game in April

The Brewers won, and as I'm typing this, they are winning the second game of the series too.  Between that, the Badgers kicking some Cornhusker butt last night, and the Packers destroying the Broncos, it's a pretty good time to be a sports fan from Wisconsin!!

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