Monday, October 3, 2011

Evie's "Real" Name

I'd like to introduce Miss Genevieve Rose!  

For anyone who reads regularly, this 14 month old probably looks pretty familiar.  You might also know her as "Evie."

Before M and I even started trying to conceive we had already discussed names that we liked.  I mentioned that I had always loved my great-grandmother's name, Genevieve.  M said that he always liked his great-grandmother's name, Rose.  The two names worked well together, and we decided that the "hand me down name" Genevieve Rose would be the name if we ever had a baby girl.  

When I got pregnant, we hesitated with our name choices.  We had some pretty big disagreements over it all.  No matter what other names came up, we kept coming back to Genevieve Rose.  My biggest hesitation was a nickname for it.  My great-grandma went by Gen (pronounced "Jen"), and I didn't really care for that.  Our baby name book listed "Eve" and "Evie" as possible nicknames Genevieve, so that's how she got the name Evie!

Did you have a hard time deciding on your child's name?  Is he/she named after someone?


LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Hi there. Found you and following thru tat. What an adorable girl and name. My daughters middle name is rose too! We had a hard time with my sons name and basically picked it from a baby book. Anyway, would love a follow at Have a great day!

Mama G said...

I absolutely love her name! Carina is a name I saw on a list of Italian names (DH is Italian), and we both loved it!

Sarah [] said...

Very cool! I have always love the name Genevieve. I had a friend in school with the name, but she was French and prounounced it "Je-nuh-vyev" and that's the way I always "read" it, but I think the more common way to say it is "jen-ah-veev". Beautiful!

Mindi said...

I love that name. My husband's grandmother is Genevieve and she goes by Gen. Love that you call your daughter Evie. Adorable.

Samantha said...

I knew a woman named Genevieve, and she was one of the most beautiful people I have ever known.

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