Friday, October 7, 2011

Confessions of a Reality TV Viewer

For the first time, I am publicly admitting my love for reality television.  Since the beginning of the fall TV season, our DVR has been full of terrifically terrible shows that I can't wait to watch.    From "Jersey Shore" to "Millionaire Matchmaker" to "Sister Wives," I watch way too much TV right now.  It's currently in its off-season, but I also watch "Teen Mom"...both of them, and "16 and Pregnant." I'm actually a little ashamed of that one.  At least I can say that I've never been sucked into any of the "Real Housewives," and I only dabbled in "The Hills."

Currently, M and I have a standing Friday night date with "Jersey Shore."  We put Evie to bed, and watch the show from the night before while M has a couple of beers and I have some wine to keep it classy.   ;)   We watch quite a few sit-coms too.  We have been into "The Office," "30 Rock," "Parks and Rec," and "The Big Bang Theory" pretty much since they began.  We don't watch many dramas, but we do like "Mad Men." 

I used to use Evie's nighttime feedings to clear out our backlog of DVRed shows.  I'd nurse her and watch whatever TV was available to me.  It sure beat Magic Bullet informercials!  Now that I don't feed her at night, our DVR has been so full I have been missing shows....maybe we have a problem.

I guess the first step is admitting it. 

Oh, and one more thing: I vote for DVR as the greatest invention in human history.  Sure, the wheel and electricity are great and all, but seriously, DVR rocks my world!


Kristin said...

I am OBSESSED with Mad Men. LOVE it.

Amber said...

I'm a closet reality TV watcher, too, and I did get sucked into the Real Housewives of Orange County (I just stick to the classics, I guess). I'm also a big fan of Jersey Shore. I'm also amazed by how much our taste in sit coms is similar, too. I'm a big fan of The Office and 30 Rock, and I keep wanting to watch Big Bang Theory--I've heard good things.

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