Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday in the Sun

It's was a beautiful day here, and Evie and I spent most of it outside.  I want to enjoy these last nice days.  Once it's cold in Wisconsin, it doesn't warm up until April...or March if we're lucky.  :)

We went to a play group lunch.  After her nap, we went to the park, and then played in the yard for a while.   It was a relaxing day. It was exactly the type of day I've needed since going back to school. 

She figured out how to push her car by herself.
I was tempted to sit in it and let her push me for once!

...and she figured out how to get into the car by herself.
Days like today make me wish that I could be home with her all the time.  I am fortunate to have the opportunity to be home with her during the summer, but since the school year has started, I've been wishing that I could stay home full time.  I love my job and I know that our finances could not support me staying home, but it's fun to dream.

Oh, Mom, stop taking pictures and play with me!!
The grass is always greener on the other side.  M and I get along better when I'm working.  I think I need that outside contact.  Sometime I just feel like I'm missing out.  I guess that's the way all working moms feel at some point. 

I hope the weather holds out for a couple more weekends and we have a few more days like today.  

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Jen + Jeff said...

I hear ya! The grass is always greener;)

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